11 Things to-do after Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins.

by Sridhar Devu
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    1. It is mandate to wear support compression bandage for first 24hrs, which can be removed after 24hrs.
  1. Take a shower (with soap and water) and apply massage oil/cream.

  2. Keep feet 30 degrees elevated while on bed with pillows under the mattress at night and over a stool during the day.

  3. First thing in morning, before getting out of bed, wear elastic compression stocking from toes to groin.

  4. Take a quick 5 min shower and then put elastic compression stocking on for rest of the day until bedtime for the next 6 weeks.

  5. You can resume normal day to day activities (including light exercises, climbing stairs) from the next day.

  6. You can resume full exercises (always with stockings on) in 2weeks (no weight-training for 3 weeks after the procedure).

  7. Walking or treadmill can be performed from the day after the procedure (always with the stocking on).

  8. Bruising, local swelling, some tenderness, pain and numbness are normal along inner thigh

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