About Me

Dr. Sridhar Devu

    • I had started my journey of medicine in the year 2000 and gradually reached the summit of Endo-vascular interventional radiology. I was always fascinated by the complexity of medicine, its multiple facets and the way people from various walks perceive its transformation of imbibing the latest technical developments.
    • It just got more perplexing as I had started exploring the depth and new verticals of Medicine and I accept the fact that it is going to be in transforming mode forever and we have to adapt and adopt the change.
    • The more I explored, the greater were the depths of medicine and I found the joy of fulfilling adding more value to people’s needs and sharing accumulated knowledge, was not just my motto but most of the doctors.


Provide best results producing day care endo-vascular and oncology interventional services under local anesthesia at an affordable price.


To add more value to people's health care by sharing accumulated knowledge, expertise and maintaining transparency

Core Values

  • Expertise: Technical expertise in handling the hardware and choosing the right tools required for each patient and surgery.
  • Authenticity: Never order an unnecessary investigation , prescribe drugs and an irrelevant surgery
  • Transparency: Explain in detail about the procedure , risks involved , benefits of the procedure, possible complications and their management, alternate treatment options.


MIG -154, Rd Number 1,
Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Kukatpally,Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500072

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