Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy

by Sridhar Devu
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Endovenous laser ablation therapy

Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged or bulged veins in the legs. It looks like cords in the legs in blue of dark purple in colour. The veins In the legs are affected as because of walking, standing for long time, so our body puts pressure on the veins in the legs. This occurs in the legs around the calves behind the knee and in lower leg. Varicose veins does not cause pain but in some case it will be itching and causing pain. Severe painful symptoms are:
  1. Ache in the legs
  2. Burning or throbbing, muscle cramping
  3. Worsened pain after standing for long time
  4. Swelling in lower leg

Treatment should begin if symptoms get worse.


For this treatment only local anaesthesia or numbness in the lower part of the leg is required. A small catheter will be inserted in to the numb area of the leg and laser light will be passed on it. The heat from the laser light helps to shrinks or closes the bulged veins eventually and now nearby veins can circulate the blood throughout the body. This is called as Endovenous laser ablation therapy. Once the bulged veins are treated then slowly the catheter will be removed from the leg and one small bandage is enough, the cut area will be closed.

Advantages of the treatment

  • Simple procedure
  • Minimal time is required for surgery
  • Less painful
  • Can walk on the same day
  • No scar or stitches



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