5 Reasons To Choose VENASEAL– The Latest Treatment Option For Varicose Veins.

by Sridhar Devu
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The VenaSeal System delivers a small amount of a specially formulated medical glue-like substance to close the diseased vein, rerouting blood to deeper healthy veins and thus providing symptomatic relief.

The Most Pleasant Experience is due to:

  1. Simple, outpatient procedure: It just involves a 2mm puncture, providing access to the diseased veins and is done under local anaesthesia, and thus any sort of high risk patient can also be treated.

  2. No tumescent anesthesia: Chilled saline and local anesthesia cocktail is injected around the veins in laser, microwave, and RF thermal ablation. This puts the patient at risk of increased fluid overload and can be avoided when we use vensaeal.

  3. Less pain and bruising than thermal ablation: As no heat energy is used to close the veins, the usual minimalistic side effects of pain and bruising associated with Laser is altogether not seen at all.

  4. Faster recovery time than thermal ablation: The patient can get back to routine from the very same day as opposed to a few days when treated by laser and others.

  5. Compression stockings not needed after the procedure: As the closure is really tight and closure is immediate, no further additional support of stockings is required.

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